Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Fever?

Not much going on in my crafting life this month. DH's parents are moving here so that we can finally begin to help take care of them. My FIL is 93 and my MIL is 87! We have been driving to where they lived (about 2 hours away) almost every weekend to help get this move accomplished. My DS and DGS came last weekend, but I didn't get ANY photos of the good time we had, because my camera batteries were dead!! ARRRRRRGH!!! Mainly, on Saturday, we went with a moving van and brought back a lot of furniture, then on Sunday, the boys all just fished, and had a relaxing good time. DGS entertained us with a "fishing story" by telling us he caught a "baby alligator" while no one was looking, and "tossed it back" before anyone saw it! :)
Only 7 years old & already telling "fishing stories" about the "one that got away"!!

One item I did manage to find time to sew this month was this "doggie bandana", modeled here by our dog, Asia. I like the fact that the collar slides through it and it is reversable. I see lots of "doggie fashion bandanas" in Asia's immediate future!

The photos above are of our back deck and a small flower bed in front of our house just after a recent hail storm hit our house. As you can see by looking at all the "green" amoung the hail, the trees around the house were beat up pretty good and all of my beautiful Iris that was blooming is gone. The hail ranged from pea to golf ball size and lasted about 10 minutes, no kidding!! My car windshield was cracked in several places on the driver's side, so I will be getting a new one soon!

I am "filling" my post with photos and chatter since it has been so long since I posted, but here is a pan of Cinnamon Brownies (before I added the icing to them) that I made for DH to take to work with him today. They are having "food day" at work, so DH requested these favorites of his, recipe here. I would have had a photo of the "finished product", but DH whisked them out the door and was off to work before I could take another photo!