Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Seeing Double!

The twins (boys) arrived at 12:45pm today! They are healthy and doing well, as is DD. My two newest buddies are beautiful! Am I a proud Granny or what!?

*Edited to add a photo:*

Saturday, March 22, 2008

WARNING! Crochet content!

It started out looking like this:

And ended up looking like this: My new hot-pad in Bernat Cottontots "Very Berry" colored yarn. The pattern can be found here for free.

And I picked up the beauty below at a yard sale......... cheap! So cheap I'm almost ashamed to tell you that I got it for $2.00!!!

We've been invited to an Easter Brunch tomorrow by my little brother and his wife, then in the afternoon/evening to an Easter party at our niece's house. That should be plenty of partying for a while! :) Here's hope that everyone has a nice Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008


DD called last night and told me the twins might be coming sooner than expected! Her Doctor is hoping DD can carry them at least ONE more week before having to deliver them. Sheesh, nothing like a little PRESSURE to get me working to finish the UFO nursery items!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


DD and her DH are moving to a new house this week. Their living room area is all tile. DD was wanting a nice area rug to warm up the space and tie it together.

That is where MY story begins! DH and I happened upon a yard sale in Arlington, TX, yesterday. I spotted this rug and asked what they would take. $10.00, people!!!! It was only a couple of months old, very clean, and had been originally purchased for $300.00!!! Major score! Then the lady holding the yard sale told me she had purchased the lamps (above) to go with the rug! $10.00 for the pair! Another score! (As DH would be happy to tell you, I have a "thing" for lamps and chairs!). Of course, after she saw the photos, DD was happy I found them for her!

I have been a "thrifter" since I started dating my DH at 15 years old. His Mom always took me with her every weekend to the garage sales around town. We both passed the love of thrifting on to my kids! It IS a treasure hunt, after all!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Seeing Double!

No, this isn't a repeat of an earlier post! A co-worker came up to me yesterday and told me that she had checked out my blog and wanted to ask if I could make both of her daughters a "Princess" pillowcase like one she had seen in one of my earlier posts. I whipped them up this morning before work. I hope the two little "princesses" enjoy them!
**Edited to add: I found my fabric at Wal-Mart for $3.97 a yard. I also believe I have seen it at Jo-Ann Fabrics.**

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not much goin' on!

Here is a photo of me and dh at South Padre Island, Texas last weekend. We went to see dd and her dh. I haven't been doing much of any type of crafting this last couple of weeks. I worked on baby bumper pads and the dust ruffle (no photos) and have just come to a screeching halt on the crafting after that!! I have been reading a lot more, too. Just finished "The Six Sacred Stones" by Matthew Reilly from the Library (action-thriller, but don't bother!! I'm glad it was a free read) and "The Buried Pyramid" by Jane LindsKold that I got from (a somewhat Sci-Fi Archeology type fiction, but I liked it!). I also supplimented those with various "mindless" paperback mysteries from the Library. I hope to get back in the crafting groove soon!