Friday, May 27, 2011

The Unveiling

What have I been doing lately? I started on Weight Watchers back in September of 2010 and was going to try to get my weight off before I saw my siblings, so I could surprise them. Sadly, my younger brother's Father-in-Law passed away recently, and at that time, two out of three of my siblings saw me then. I have "officially" lost 41 lbs so far (as of today) on WW, and I had already lost 8 lbs on my own before starting with them. I would like to get another 22 or so off. I have added walking on the treadmill into my daily routines to help get me to my goal. I also walk the stairs with one of my co-workers at break time. No crafting, sewing or crocheting, I have been watching Grandkids and reading a bunch. However I saw all the lovely potholders everyone on Ravelry has been doing and am getting interested again in crochet. Now that my weight is down a bunch, I am also becoming interested in sewing for myself again.