Monday, April 27, 2009


Last weekend we went to what my husband's family calls "Decoration". It is an old "East" Texas custom where families get together on a designated day, and go "decorate" tombstones with flowers and flags at the graveyard where their loved ones are buried. My husband's family maintains a cemetery in Collin County where his great- grandfather had donated the land for the cemetery. We all go to church there, then we go back to my husband's cousin's house for a "family reunion" lunch, we eat 'til we feel like we're going to pop, and have lots of good fellowship with family! Then we go down the road about a mile to the cemetery, have "Decoration" and the annual business meeting for the upkeep of the cemetery, and reminisce a lot about the loved ones who passed away before us. We enjoy getting to see a lot of family at least one time a year!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I recently got a comment on my free fish potholder pattern from a lady named Doria. Doria made this baby blanket for her niece using my fish pattern as an applique! AND She included a photo! Wow the different uses people come up with for it never cease to amaze me! GREAT job Doria, and thanks for sharing your photo! Now I want to make one!

Also, have you seen the great purse pattern by Christy? Christy is always coming up with new patterns even though she is fairly new to crochet! I bought one as soon as I saw it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Truck

Dh decided that I needed a new (to me) vehicle, so he recently purchased me a cute little 2000 Ford Ranger Super Cab to drive! I know it probably sounds weird, but I have always wanted a little pickup, and now I finally have it! After all, I AM a Texan! :)

We got the truck just in time to go visit my dd and the grandtwins down at South Padre Island for the grandtwins 1st birthday. We had a fun, action packed time while we were there! We got to go out to the Island one day, another day we visited the Brownsville, TX Zoo. The third day was an all day long outdoor birthday party for the boys.

Still no crafting content for the blog right now. With my ds and oldest gs still living with us, I don't seem to have any free time anymore. My sister and her hubby stopped by last Sunday (unfortunately I was not home, but my dh was). They dropped off a news article about my Mother's family, who have been continuously farming land in Crosby County, Texas for over 100 years! It was really interesting and informative!

My computer finally got to where I couldn't even get on it, so rather than buy a new one, and in order to save money, dh wiped the hard drive clean (gulp!) and had to re-load all the software. He saved a lot of my photos and patterns awhile back, so I hope I can find everything again sometime. For now, I have no photos to add to this post, but hope to be back with pics of the new truck and some of the pics of visiting the grandtwins.