Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Vehicle!

Dh went looking for a new (to us) vehicle today. He works all week in Dallas, so in order to look for a car he had to do it on Saturdays. He had decided he wanted another Toyota, so here is what we got today:
A Toyota 4 Runner Limited Edition! It is 4 wheel drive and has a sunroof! Woo hoo! It is in great shape and guess who gets to drive it most of the time, now? ME! Dh has decided to drive the pickup back and forth to Dallas as it will probably have the better gas mileage of the two. I LOVE me a Toyota!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo update

I promised some photos of my grandson X at the recent air show held here, but haven't been on my desktop computer for awhile. I have been busy enjoying the laptop I purchased at a garage sale, but haven't yet gotten all my little "things" added to it yet (such as the capability to download photos).

Yesterday was the first full day of work at the new/old place. Why did I ever hate this job?! I enjoyed myself for the first time in MONTHS! I am even contemplating knitting or crocheting again! To help jump start myself, I signed up for a dishcloth swap. It should be a fun one!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blue skys and Rainbows!

My job swap was made yesterday and I think I'm gonna come out on the better end of the swap after all. My old job and old boss looked like heaven after having to continue to endure the guy I had been working with for this last week. I moved all my work belongings over to the new building, and had a meeting with my new/old boss. It was very pleasant and exactly the ending I needed yesterday to start my Memorial Day holiday. My new/old boss is currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer, which I have already been through, and is handling it very well. They think they might get the tumor to totally disappear without even having to operate on her! She was very pleasant and welcoming, it was so nice to have someone who appreciates the good work I had done for her in the past! The guy I just ended working for was glad for me to do all his work, but never once acknowledged me for any of it. I have discovered I don't like people like that, as the"knife in my back" shows!

Dh and I are getting ready to go to garage sales this morning. Last weekend I got some great deals. All at one sale, I bought a laptop for $40.00, which I am currently typing away on, a Blackberry cell phone for $5.00 that was only a couple of years old, and a Sony Playstation with about 50 games for $25.00 for my grandson. I also picked up 5 0r 6 DVD's for about 50 cents each. Everything was working and in good shape! Who knows what today will bring!

Monday, May 18, 2009

You are cordially invited to my pity party......

I was justified in my weekend worries over my job. Today I was told I was being put back into my old job because another person's job was in jeopardy, so she wins, I guess. I really would rather not go back to the old job they offered me, but with the current job market, I can't afford to take the severance package they offered as the alternative. I am really upset, mainly because I did nothing wrong to deserve being pushed out of my current job, yet I feel I'm the one being punished. I'm letting myself have a little pity party tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to face everything with a smile firmly in place.

I am a closet "Survivor" fan. I was happy to see J.T. win the million dollars. At least someone had a good weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

It's 3:51 a.m. and I can't sleep. A late-night thunderstorm is rolling through right now, and it is raining cats and dogs out there. My Wienerdor-Retriever is afraid of thunder, so she is softly whining in the background. I am having some problems at work and am very bothered by some things going on. To try to take my mind off of my troubles, I have been browsing around on Ravelry but am not finding much to inspire me right now. I found a pattern for a purse that I would like to try sometime on Whether I will ever make it or not is the real question. I haven't picked up a crochet hook or knitting needle for about 5 months, now. I have also been getting (sort of) interested in sewing again, but haven't done anything with that interest yet, either. All I seem to do anymore is clean house and work. Tomorrow, there is supposed to be an air show at the neighboring Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base located about a half mile from our house. DH has worked to get our boat in running order this week, so we can go out on the Lake tomorrow and enjoy the show from there. Unfortunately, I think I might also have lost my digital camera somewhere. It has been a challenge keeping up with some of my things, since I now have a VERY inquisitive 8 year old boy living at my house!! He is always making paper airplanes and exploring his environment! Last night, in an effort to try to cheer me up, he crafted me a paper purse! He is a very sweet and special person! This is one of DS's dogs, Sonny, who is currently greatly enjoying a snooze on the couch!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Late on Mother's Day

Dh is sanding a bench I bought at a yard sale awhile back. I have wanted it painted black for a long time, and my gs talked Dh into working on the bench today. Of course, before they got started, he took out time to drop a line and catch this fish! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Car replacement and Mother's Day

After several years of being accident free, Dh was rear-ended last Monday evening on his way home from work in Dallas. He was driving our 1994 Toyota Camry Wagon (left in photo), no finer car to be found anywhere! The boy driving the car that hit Dh flew over the hill and hit him from behind while he was stopped at the light. Dh was behind another person and our car was slammed into her car also, wrecking the front end, too. We had babied that car for several years and had over 350,000 miles on the original engine. I was hoping to make it to at least 400,000 miles, but I guess I won't ever know now. Dh will have the hard chore of finding a comparable car to replace it, probably another Toyota if I have any say so!

After a wonderful lunch at T.G.I. Friday's today, my son and gs presented me with this beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that they picked for me along the road to our house. DD called and said she had also sent a gift by mail, which hasn't arrived yet. Her Dh and the grandtwins are going to take her to the beach to help her celebrate the day.