Sunday, March 16, 2008


DD and her DH are moving to a new house this week. Their living room area is all tile. DD was wanting a nice area rug to warm up the space and tie it together.

That is where MY story begins! DH and I happened upon a yard sale in Arlington, TX, yesterday. I spotted this rug and asked what they would take. $10.00, people!!!! It was only a couple of months old, very clean, and had been originally purchased for $300.00!!! Major score! Then the lady holding the yard sale told me she had purchased the lamps (above) to go with the rug! $10.00 for the pair! Another score! (As DH would be happy to tell you, I have a "thing" for lamps and chairs!). Of course, after she saw the photos, DD was happy I found them for her!

I have been a "thrifter" since I started dating my DH at 15 years old. His Mom always took me with her every weekend to the garage sales around town. We both passed the love of thrifting on to my kids! It IS a treasure hunt, after all!

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