Friday, May 9, 2008

Plumbing & Scarborough Faire

DH has been working on plumbing the last few weekends, along with his "certified" plumber's helper pictured below:

Last weekend, I talked him into letting her have a day off from plumbing, and we went to Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, Texas:

We enjoyed getting to see all the sights. There were a lot of interesting shows, jousting, glassblowing, a village blacksmith, improv comedy, you name it they had it! I got a lot of good exercise with all the walking we did!

I still have been "off" of my crafting, but I have been looking at all the items Oiyi has been sewing lately on her blog, and would like to try making both the cloth book and the baby quilt if I can find them at JoAnn Fabrics this weekend. I also always try to get over to Bron's blog and Little Wild's blog to see what they are up to. Their blogs are always good for a lot of inspiration! My friend frogginqueen is soon going to have a baby boy, so I need to be on the lookout for something fun that I can gift her with!

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Michelle said...

Oh you're so sweet:) Looks like yall had fun at the Faire...Lucky you, we went a few years ago and had so much fun.. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!
I'm not sure I can remember my blogger password so I'm leaving this under my can tell I haven't blogged in a while:)