Monday, April 27, 2009


Last weekend we went to what my husband's family calls "Decoration". It is an old "East" Texas custom where families get together on a designated day, and go "decorate" tombstones with flowers and flags at the graveyard where their loved ones are buried. My husband's family maintains a cemetery in Collin County where his great- grandfather had donated the land for the cemetery. We all go to church there, then we go back to my husband's cousin's house for a "family reunion" lunch, we eat 'til we feel like we're going to pop, and have lots of good fellowship with family! Then we go down the road about a mile to the cemetery, have "Decoration" and the annual business meeting for the upkeep of the cemetery, and reminisce a lot about the loved ones who passed away before us. We enjoy getting to see a lot of family at least one time a year!

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Oiyi said...

It sounds like a great tradition.