Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Stovetop

Last night GS#1 wanted to make bacon bites (above). One word of advice, DON'T seed the peppers without gloves on (I speak from experience!!) The only thing that eases the sting fast is MILK! :) The recipe can be found at http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/cooking on her sidebar under "appetizers".

The photo above is my "new" stove-top. We located this beauty at a garage sale for $20.00, and DH installed it post haste! My old one was probably from the late 1960's and was harvest gold! When we first moved here and didn't have a lot of time to remodel anything, DH had spray painted over it with appliance spray paint in a cream color, but over the last couple of years the paint had begun to peel and the harvest gold shone through. It was a sorry sight and I wasn't sad to see it go!! UGH! Of course, this has now sparked a whole wave of me wanting to start "remodeling". I have located new counter tops at Home Depot that I plan to purchase soon, and I have shopped for a new color of paint (for the cabinets) to match. What fun!! We also located a "new" stand alone bathroom sink for $10.00, but that will be a photo for another time after DH has time to install it. I love finding great deals at garage sales!!!

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