Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cup cozy

I crocheted myself this "cup cozy" from some Sugar n' Cream Natural cotton I had in my stash. It was fast and easy to whip up, and I made it in about an hour crocheting off and on. The pattern was modified from a coffee cozy pattern I found on Ravelry, by Theresa Grant. I modified the pattern to: ch 30, then the first row was all dc like Theresa's pattern, then each row after that I chained three, then did a *1 fpdc, then a dc next st, 1 fpdc*, around. I also went 14 rows instead of the 12 for Theresa's pattern and I edged it with slip sts on row 15. I was getting tired of my drink cup at work always sweating. I tried it out today at work and it was awesome! No sweating glass, and the fit was just right! Next time I might chain 26 to get a tighter fit at the bottom, but 30 worked fine.

Dh helped his brother cut some tree limbs yesterday over at his house, then went and installed a gas heater for our son and GS at their house. GS and I made some peanut patties today and also cleaned house. We still need to make some Cracker Jacks, and I still need to get some more Christmas shopping done, too!! Where has all the time gone?

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Jana said...

GOOOOD Question!! I have been "off" school for almost three weeks! Aside from getting my place REALLY cleaned up and organized, I haven't gotten hardly ANY of the crochet stuff done that I wanted to do!
Love the cozy! Did you find the cotton absorbed enough? I have a plastic drink cup that has water in it and you freeze the cup to keep things cold. Only problem is it doesn't "sweat" it POURS! So I was thinking of making some kind of cozy for it, but wasn't sure if the cotton would repel or absorb!