Saturday, July 31, 2010

More stained glass

I am making this one with J. P. Coats thread #3. I like the colors, but compared with the other two I have made, it appears not to be as bright. Maybe if I frogged it and added yellow instead of purple? The thread is a little bit too thin for my liking also. I can add another row since it is smaller thread, thus getting more color on it and it still works up to my favorite size, 7".

Yesterday was DH's birthday, and we celebrated quietly with our son and his family. For his gift, I bought him a set of boat seats to replace the old torn up ones in his boat. My grandson X, came back from Lubbock where he had been visiting his mother for the summer. My boss at work quit!!, and so I have had a busy week at home and at work. ;)

I am between audio books right now. I would like to continue the series I have been listening to, but our Library doesn't have the last two books on CD yet. My son has an Ipod that he might let me borrow, and I can possibly find them and download them from the Library on Overdrive or NetLibrary. I have been proud of myself, as I am trying to get a little more technically savvy this year. :)


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Doris Sturm said...

Some of these potholders you are making are so pretty, they look like they should be worked into an afghan or a pillow. You do nice work~!