Monday, March 21, 2011


February arrived with an ice storm, snow, and freezing temperatures! March has brought better weather and a trip to South Padre Island and Seaworld. Sadly, I haven't been crocheting, knitting OR sewing much since October. My oldest GS wants a beanie and a neck scarf made with camouflage colored yarn, so if anything, that will be next on my to-do list. I never finished even one Christmas stocking. The 2011 Potholder Swap is on, so I might get some done to send. I have mostly been absorbed in listening to audio books and reading books lately. I have two stacks of books from the library and just randomly choose the one that looks best to me at the moment. Currently my favorites are "Indiana Jones" type thrillers to Medieval Murder Mysteries, American Indian Murder Mysteries and Ancient Egyptian Murder Mysteries. Not much else is happening around here beyond the regular day to day living.

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