Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here is a new (to me) potholder pattern that I have worked up recently. It is crocheted all in one piece, so there is no need to add a back. It is very quick to work up, and thick enough not to burn yourself on hot pans or dishes. I made the "Americana" one after July 4. I'm still reading a whole lot, especially now that I have an i-phone, I can upload e-books from the library for free and read any time I have some free time. "Real" books currently checked out: Secret of the White Rose, Devil Colony, The Queen's Governess, Crown of Dust, The Daughter of Siena, The Lion of Cairo, Fatal Error, The Beginners, The Bone Yard, & The Illusion of Murder. In the car on audio I currently have "A Discovery of Witches" and "Smokin' Seventeen". I have requested several more from the library that I am still waiting on to upload to my i-phone e-reader.

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Paula C. said...

Thanks! I have been looking for this type of stitch because I made it before and somehow misplaced the pattern. when I made them they were done as small squares and used as small face washing cloths.