Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th was a lot of fun.  No pictures, but grandson X had a blast shooting off fireworks with his cousins.  We got some pretty fireworks this year.  Thanks for your hospitality, Camie and Joe!  : ) 

It will be back to the salt mines for me today, but hubby will be at home, repairing his truck.  He has basically rebuilt the engine on his truck.  It started with a cracked head and went from there.  He decided as long as he was that far into it he would replace several other things. We are lucky that he can repair anything. When it comes to repair/maintenance/figuring out how something works, my husband is a genius!  : )  He is the most handy person I have ever known.

I have been refinishing a sewing desk for myself, so I will have a permanent place I can keep my sewing machine set up.  I hope to have final photos soon when the project is finished.  I am  proud of it, since it is my first attempt at refinishing furniture pretty much by myself.  I found the perfect small sewing desk a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale for $25.00.  I sanded it down, re-stained the top and painted the bottom part black.    Hubby helped me by wood gluing all the drawers back together (which had all been duck taped together by the previous owner, haha!)  I hope to have it fully completed by the the weekend and will take final photos to show.

Today is the anniversary of the day Granddaddy passed away!  We all miss you, Granddaddy!

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Charlotte said...

Don't work too hard! Just remember, two days until the weekend!