Friday, August 3, 2007


I had a case of "start-itis" last month, now I am getting a case of "finish-itis" this month. I started this baby blanket about (yes I'm ashamed to say it) 7 years ago, and you see how far I got with it. Obviously, the recipient got something else as a gift! The pattern was from a Leisure Arts magazine called "Crochet with Heart" that ended up being discontinued. I think I still have almost every issue they made! (Yes, I have just a small case of "pack-rat-ism" too). I even think I still have some of the yarn somewhere! I am really wanting to try to finish up some of my UFO projects this month!
I only have to do about 5 more rows to finish this other baby blanket that I started last year:

It is a pattern from a leaflet by Terry Kimbrough called: Heirloom Afghans for Baby, shown
on the cover of the book and named "Exquisite".

One thing I HAVE managed to start AND finish recently: Another fish for the kitchen potholder animal farm, using the "cool breeze ombre" colorway by Sugar n Cream. I will probably be giving *some* of these away for gifts. Although the "selfish" part of me wants to keep them ALL! ........................................ Mwahahahahaha!


Cristina said...

that color of the fishpotholder is so pretty. Just keep it! you're like me, to give it away, when i start i must say that it is to give, or else it wiil never live home ;)

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

I always give everything away also. Where are my gifts? No one else makes anything for me around here. I also didn't even get thanked by some family members for scarves last year. I say KEEP IT!

Love that lacey blanket. I'm glad to see it on someone's blog because I do have that pattern. It would make a good closet stash present.