Friday, August 10, 2007

I won, I won!

I was surfing blogs the other day, and looked in on Bron. She was having a 4th blogiversary give away to those who left her messages that day. She had so many entries, that she ended up drawing 6 names as winners, instead of one. She had a real drawing, with a bona-fide "impartial name-drawer", and I was one of the 6 LUCKY WINNERS! I'm so excited, I've never won anything before! I can't wait to see which wonderful item I won! THANKS, Bron!!!

Last night, I was shopping at the JoAnn Fabric Superstore, and ran across these new colors of Sugar n Cream Stripes cotton yarn that I hadn't seen before. One is called "pinky stripes" and the other "natural stripes". I think I need to apply to Lily for a job to be the "Namer of New yarns". Don't you think something like "Pink Flamingo" and "Desert Sunset" would grab your attention a little better if you didn't happen to have a photo? Just sayin'! :)


Michelle said...

Congrats on winning:)
LOL I love the cloth pads cause they are more comfortable, you don't have a leakage problem, they are soooo much cheaper and they are better for the environment. I wanted to make my own because they sell for alot on ebay and etsy and I knew I could do it just as good and cheaper:)

Cristina said...

uaaaauuuuhhh, Cindy, luky girl ;)
And you are wright about the name of the colors. today i went to my shop yarn to get black to do my fat bag, i got black, but in is called caviar!!! This black is so pretty because in looks like velvet. I'm very happy with me trip to the yarn shop.
Have a nice weekend.