Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is Spiderman....

and he needs a Spiderman-ghan!

I got absolutely obsessed the other day when I saw all the completed Spiderman Round Ripple Afghans that had been completed on Ravelry. I had bought all the yarn well over a year ago to make one of these for my #1 Grandson, X. I finally got started on it last night, and plan to work on it every night and during my lunch breaks every day till done. I am hoping to have it done long before Christmas! The free pattern can be found here, I think its such a cute idea! I already have two more rows added to it since this photo was taken this morning!

Beginning of the Spiderman-ghan!

1 comment:

Oiyi said...

Spiderman looks awesome! and that afghan is fabulous. I have been seeing a lot of them on Ravelry. Too cool.