Friday, November 28, 2008


My ds and #1 gs, X, got to come for Thanksgiving. We had the lunch over at my house this year, and everyone chipped in to bring food. It was wonderful, as always! After the guests left, ds got a fire going in the fire ring, while X fished off the dock. He didn't catch much, but he is a very dedicated fisherman, and he had a good time trying. Yesterday morning ds and I went to Wal-Mart for the early morning, after-Thanksgiving sales. It was both of our first times to do that, and probably MY last. I will really have to want something VERY badly to do that again! :) Talk about taking your life in your own hands! Those shoppers will mow you down with their carts to get a good deal! :)

The spiderman-ghan is almost done, except for the few final "web" lines, but I can't work on it because X (um......I mean Spiderman) is here, and it will be one of his Christmas gifts! I did get a chance to show it off to ds before we went on our "shopping" spree yesterday morning. His only comment was "its not big enough to cover ME"....... uh, son, I hate to disappoint you, but its for a smaller superhero this time! :)

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