Monday, January 12, 2009


I haven't updated in way too long! Christmas was fun, and we had lots of company. All my grandchildren got to come, after all. I didn't finish the Spiderman-ghan totally, but it is still high up on my to do list! My grandson, X (who it was made for) and my son moved to Fort Worth recently, so now I will get to see him all the time, and he has already been reminding me to finish it! :) I have also started a "Zero" the Ghost Dog, and a Newsboy Cap, both for DD, (no photos yet) that are both nearly completed, as well. I'm haven't been doing so great on working on the baby afghans that I have started, though. Hope to have photos later this week.


Anonymous said...

I love newsboy hats. I will keep my eyes peeled for that pattern.

Jana said...

Hi, Cindy,
I have wanted to email you, but don't know what happened! I followed the link you gave me for the spiderghan, and got hooked up with Gail (stitch_n_frog) and have been corresponding with her. Thanks for helping me get the pattern! I have you as a favorite blog on MY blog, which all came about because I was having trouble getting on YOURS (I am in Saudi Arabia and everything was coming up in ARABIC!) Anyway, my blog is saudistitcher.blogspot if you want to check it out!