Monday, July 20, 2009

Chickenbetty's Disc-Disc Potholder

I am still having problems loading my photos and even TAKING photos, but managed to take a picture of my newest potholder with my cell phone camera this morning! These pictures aren't good quality, but at least you can see what I have worked on. I found this pattern on Ravelry the other night. I ordered it from ChickenBetty, but it didn't get e-mailed to me till the next day, so I looked at photos and copied it as best I could. By the time the pattern came, I already had the flower side done, so I just followed the pattern for the second side. One person on Ravelry mentioned that she nearly burned herself using it as a potholder, so I inserted hot pad material from the fabric store in between the crocheted discs. It is a little thick, but at least no one should get burned using it. I have also crocheted a couple of other things, but I'm not quite done with them yet. Two are potholders also, and one is a washcloth. Hope to have my camera up and running soon so the photo quality will be better!


Jana said...

Oh, I understand about camera problems!
These are cute. That's one thing I always think about when I toy with the idea of making crocheted potholders. Will they keep someone from getting burned or GET them burned! What kind of material did you put in the middle?

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Cindy! I really like how this came out.. VERY PRETTY!!! I am so glad though that you warned about the possibility of burning with the discs though.. I had never thought of that, and am just glad you mentioned it!.. So thanks!

Cindy said...

The material I bought to put in the middle is a sort of thick interfacing type material. It states on the label that it is specifically for making potholders.