Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4, ribbons and bows

I am still having problems with my uploading of photos to blogger from my home computer, and now my digital camera seems to be on the fritz, too. July 4 weekend we went out on the lake in the boat, it was very quiet for a holiday! I think the public ramps haven't been open much this year, so only lake residents have been out and a lot of the residents are older in age (I guess this may be due to the lake being here for a long time). After going out on the lake for a couple of hours, we went to our niece's house and my oldest gs got to pop firecrackers with her children. I have been crocheting small items such as dishcloths, & potholders, but can't seem to get the photos to my blog. Oldest gs and son will be gone this weekend, so I might have more time to concentrate on figuring out the problem. I also have some beautiful hair bows I wanted to take photos of and show. My co-worker makes them to sell, and I bought some for my oldest gs' baby sister and also for my sister's granddaughter who is 3.

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