Monday, March 15, 2010

Dishcloth frenzy

A view of our SUPERHERO, Sonny, facing down his ARCH ENEMY, the vacuum cleaner!!!

To those of you who have been wondering, I really am still alive over here, just haven't blogged lately! I have been knitting and crocheting a lot, just small items, dishcloths, potholders and dishtowels. I have just been obsessed with it this past month! I am planning on joining the potholder swap for 2010 in Ravelry. I have 5 potholders made, now to ship them off before the deadline of March 27. In return, I will receive 5 back from other participants. I have seen some really lovely one's out there that people are working on! Can't wait to see them all when the swap is over with! I had to include the photo of Sonny above, because he is so fierce and funny about defending us from the VACUUM cleaner! He also has to keep an eye out for any radio controlled robotic toys that might be sneaking up on us!


Anonymous said...

I love the Tunisian Short Row cloths!

Doris Sturm said...

Glad you're still around - I just found your blog today and enjoy looking at your wonderful work.

Those potholders are so colorful and animated - makes me dizzy looking at them all at once (but then, I'm a bit dizzy naturally) dog hates the vaccum cleaner too - it must be bread into dogs to hate them - well, I'm not all that fond of them eiter.

Have fun and keep on hookin ;-)

Doris :-)