Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No photos today. Just a quick update. We didn't travel this weekend, but kept oldest GS and got to keep newest GS ( 2 months old) overnight on Sunday. He still wakes up alot in the night, so the challenge was to get some sleep! :) I have decided that Dh is a "baby whisperer"along with already being an "animal whisperer". He was great with the baby, who actually slept a lot of the night due to his Grandaddy's intuitive attention. The little guy has colic and doesn't sleep well at night. I got to Crochet a little bit, started 2 "magic" potholders for me, but didn't finish either. Almost finished a "Hot/Cold" Potholder, but need to finish the edges up. Probably won't make that one again, as it is kind of plain looking, but somewhat "fussy" to make. I'll add a photo when I finish them.

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Oiyi said...

Oh poor thing! Melody had colic, too, and I still remember the sleepless nights.