Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fish Pattern

I tried to just post my free pattern on the sidebar last night and thought I finally had it fixed, but this morning couldn't get it to work. Putting it in a regular post below is the only way I know of getting it on the blog and then saving it to the side bar is the only other way I could figure to do it right now. I will take any advice anybody wants to give me about setting up any future patterns I might make and getting them into my sidebar with an easier procedure!

I want to give a great big thanks to Cristina, (visit her blog here) who was kind enough to be one of the testers of the pattern for me, and is the first person to return any comments and photos to me. I was so excited, I went ahead and posted my pattern. I am almost sure that if a lady originally from Portugul, whose first language is not English, can translate and make my pattern with no problems, anyone else should be able to, also. :) The photo above is her version! Isn't it cute? She rocks! Thanks again, Cristina!

1 comment:

Cristina said...

the photo is really cute!
Thank you foe the credit.
Hope you have a nice weekend