Sunday, July 1, 2007

Texas Crochet, Texas Flooding

This is what I have worked on this weekend. I know, frogginqueen, I promised you I wasn't gonna start anything new, but.....this one is for charity. REALLY! Krystal, who created the pattern, has only one requirement to send the pattern to you for have to crochet a square and send to her to be put together for blankets, which she gives to charity. See her blog here. Of course, as you have probably figured out, I was hanging out over at Inkberryblue's place again, and she PEER PRESSURED me into doing it! HONEST! Would this furry face lie to you?

Here is the one finished CHARITY square!

Crocheted with Caron Simply Soft, with the flower portion being made out of some TLC ombre that I had in my stash. Hook size H.

As predicted by me the other day, our dock is now underwater. (See, I was right!)

Totally. Underwater.

DH has the boats tied to where they can float with the rising lake. (the yellow boat belongs to neighbors who haven't ever completed their own dock. We call them our "little drunk neighbors", cause they are almost always ***soused, polluted, blitzed, or, if you prefer more nautical terms (hee, hee) three sheets to the wind*** every time we see them.

DH has this crazy co-worker named Tex (wonder how he got that nickname!?), who has been coming over all weekend and fishing ALL day (and night) long! From our dock...the FLOODED dock. Here is his fishing setup.......

Now, folks, THAT's a dedicated fisherman!

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Michelle said...

Great job on the granny square...Charity knitting/crochet never counts:)
I can't believe your dock is that much under water...It's not too close to your house is it? They had major roads in Dallas shut again today... Scary!