Friday, June 6, 2008

Back in the Saddle again!

Last night, I finally started a new crochet project. Can anyone guess what it will be? :) Yes, it IS the notorious Fat Bottom Bag (again) ! I have been cruising around in Ravelry lately, trying to get my crochet mojo back, and have seen some different versions that I liked. Since I already have the book, and finally finished up the bag I had been working on, I decided I can never have too many Fat Bottom Bags, and started another one!

The last one I made was with leftover stashed Noro yarn, (see below), and while it turned out o.k., I didn't like how limp it looks and feels, and I have decided I don't like the color of the other purple wool that I used for the purse handles when I ran out of the Noro. I will be making the new one using up more "stash", but this time using the old "stiff yarn" standby....Redheart Yarn, in the "Watercolor" colorway. I am hoping I will like this one more!

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Susan (ZenKnit) said...

I think the lilac top makes the purple really pop in that Noro(?) yarn. But I hear you about needing something more stiff. Red Heart fits that particular bill, doesn't it. And yet it is soft enough to the touch - weird, huh?