Thursday, June 19, 2008

Photo of a "Windmill Farm" taken between Post and Snyder, Texas, last year sometime. Look closely to see the windmills on the top of the mesa (see my comments below about needing a better camera!)

Work is progressing on the "Mystery Project". I am hoping to see my DD and the twins this weekend so I will have to stop work on the mystery project to finish up the baby bumper pad that I started so long ago. The twins are about to be old enough to be in their big baby bed instead of the bassinets, so they will need the bumper pad soon!

Last night I went and got a bigger memory card for my digital camera, too. Now maybe I can take 900 photos of the twins instead of just 40. :) My camera is so "old" (we got it in 2004) that it only has 200 pixels, so when we went to get the memory card, I think DH finally realized we needed one with higher pixels! :) Maybe there will be a new camera in "Grandmommy's" future!
**EDITED TO ADD: I got offered the job! Ya hoo!

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