Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Another Grand-twins update photo. DD took it with her cell phone camera. The boys are now 12 lbs each, after starting out at 4.9 and 5.1. From the looks of the photos, they are hearty eaters! :)

Not much crochet progress to report. I didn't work on anything yesterday, at all. Instead, I did all my "running around doing errands" last night after work. I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to look at yarn because I am at the point of changing colors on my Mystery Project, and don't know what color I want to use. I can't really ask for help on color choices "out loud" on my blog, or my buddy might figure out the surprise! I had picked up one color I thought I would try, but it might be too close in color to be the contrast I want it to be. Decisions, decisions!

And speaking of decisions.....the job opening has been posted, and yesterday at quitting time, I let my immediate supervisor know I was planning on applying. She then proceeded to tell me that SHE is planning on going job hunting soon, due to high gas prices and having to drive so far back and forth (she lives on the far side of Dallas and we work in Fort Worth), and asked if I would be interested in possibly being offered HER job if she leaves! I might....but the work would still be the same old, same old..... and I have no guaranty that our department boss would offer ME anything. I have to take the application form to my Department boss for signature this morning, so I can turn it in to Human Resources. Wish me luck with it all!


Michelle said...

OMG the twins are just gorgeous little chunky monkeys:) Good luck with changing your job....Fingers are crossed for you:)

gruene_beadle said...

The twins are just the cutest! Looks like one is whispering to the other 'I gotta tell you a secret... you're my best friend'.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Cindy, those babies are sooo cute! Sorry I'm late for the job application, but good luck anyways!