Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blue skys and Rainbows!

My job swap was made yesterday and I think I'm gonna come out on the better end of the swap after all. My old job and old boss looked like heaven after having to continue to endure the guy I had been working with for this last week. I moved all my work belongings over to the new building, and had a meeting with my new/old boss. It was very pleasant and exactly the ending I needed yesterday to start my Memorial Day holiday. My new/old boss is currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer, which I have already been through, and is handling it very well. They think they might get the tumor to totally disappear without even having to operate on her! She was very pleasant and welcoming, it was so nice to have someone who appreciates the good work I had done for her in the past! The guy I just ended working for was glad for me to do all his work, but never once acknowledged me for any of it. I have discovered I don't like people like that, as the"knife in my back" shows!

Dh and I are getting ready to go to garage sales this morning. Last weekend I got some great deals. All at one sale, I bought a laptop for $40.00, which I am currently typing away on, a Blackberry cell phone for $5.00 that was only a couple of years old, and a Sony Playstation with about 50 games for $25.00 for my grandson. I also picked up 5 0r 6 DVD's for about 50 cents each. Everything was working and in good shape! Who knows what today will bring!

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Jana said...

Awesome! God does work in mysterious ways! It may be you were swapped to be a comfort to your new/old boss since you have been through what SHE has! It is always wonderful when what we thought was awful turns out to be something so positive! I'm happy for you!
And what a buy! You are USING the laptop!? And it must be working well! Lucky you!!
Keep smiling!