Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo update

I promised some photos of my grandson X at the recent air show held here, but haven't been on my desktop computer for awhile. I have been busy enjoying the laptop I purchased at a garage sale, but haven't yet gotten all my little "things" added to it yet (such as the capability to download photos).

Yesterday was the first full day of work at the new/old place. Why did I ever hate this job?! I enjoyed myself for the first time in MONTHS! I am even contemplating knitting or crocheting again! To help jump start myself, I signed up for a dishcloth swap. It should be a fun one!

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Jana said...

Hi, Cindy! I'm SO glad your new/old job is working out! And especially glad to hear you're getting back into crochet/knitting again! I really believe those things help a lot to get our minds off of our problems. The "problem" is that when we feel blue, we don't WANT to! Kind of like exercise! You are too tired to do it, but doing it makes you LESS tired! Another of lifes vicious circles! LOL!