Friday, November 16, 2007

Next in Line

Nothing much going on with Crochet or Knitting lately. I didn't finish the baby blankets in time for the shower, so that is what I need to continue to work on until done. After that, I am interested in making some of the items from this book:

Almost every item in the book is something I would like to make! I don't usually find very many crochet pattern books that I can say that about. But the main reason I got it is that I fell in love with the Teddy Bear pattern:

I saw a photo on Ravelry of the finished bear and it was so cute, I had to go find the book so I could make it, too!


Kellycat said...

How cute! I would buy the book for the pattern too. I love teddy bears!

Cristina said...

22 projects, you go girl! Shame that you didn't had the blanket ready for the event, that is why i should vote for 48 hours day! hehehehehe.

Mimi said...

I love this book. The little girl patterns are just precious. My DIL had a darling boy (6 mo). I have all the yarn for the Icelandic jacket on page 62, but I haven't started it for the colors I chose are a tad girly. I will make the jacket after I have burned out on the boy things and donate it unless by then there is hope of a baby sister.