Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pass the stuffing, please!

The turkey is in the oven cooking and smelling wonderful! I began preparing food for the big day last night. First, I threw together an old Thanksgiving favorite of my kid's, as my DD calls it, "the green pie". It is merely a graham crust, with pistachio pudding (thus the green color) and topped with whipped cream. It came about one year after my Dad had married his second wife, who was diabetic. I came up with this pie in the sugar-free version for her, and somehow it hung on every year after that, becoming a huge hit with my kids! It is always requested by DD every year, and the years I can't be with the kids, I know DD carries on tradition..... :). This year, neither one of my kids can be here, but I made the "green pie" anyway (guess it has kind of grown on me, too)!

DD also gave me a new recipe to try, a banana nut roll. I have made the traditional pumpkin roll for the last 2 or 3 years, so I guess when she found this recipe, she thought she would give it a whirl. She liked it alot and passed it along for me to try. I made it last night and it looks YUMMY! We are eating with our neighbors today (I was trying to be totally anti-social this year, and just be home alone with DH, but NO ONE will let us rest unless we go eat somewhere else!) :) That is what holiday traditions are all about, right?

I made jalapeno bacon bites and will also be taking a Broccoli-Rice Cassarole with us to the neighbors. Can't wait to dig in! Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!

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Michelle said...

ok, you just made me soooo hungry! how do you make the jalapeno bacon bites?i love spicy things:)