Saturday, November 24, 2007


Say "hi" to Maxi. He is my son's dog that we are keeping for him a couple of months. Maxi is a Pit Bull puppy, and he actually has a really sweet personality, athough he is a bit mischevious........ I had always heard the scary "Pit Bull" stories, but no one warned me that they are YARN THIEVES!

As I was trying to crochet my illicit potholder last night, he was trying to steal the yarn ball away, right out of my hands! Here is a photo of Maxi posing with some old Red Heart yarn I let him have, along with some Lion Brand that I had been using to make my Monkey sock...... He now has his own yarn "stash"!

1 comment:

Cristina said...

What a luky dog! Having his yarn stash already, don't you think you cold give him some needles ;)
We never know!!! Hehehehe. Shame for the sock yarn.