Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Tale of Two Sinks.....

or better known as my weekends of treasure hunting.

The sink shown above has been in my kitchen for exactly 40 years! (Note the "retro" harvest gold color!) How do I know it has been here for 40 years? My SIL's father built the house himself, plus, on the bottom of the sink last night when DH took it out to replace it, he saw a date of 02/68 on the bottom. I found the sink in the photo below at a Garage sale yesterday, faucet and all, for $20.00. DH (being the absolutely fabulous handy-man that he is), put it in for me last night. The lady at the sale told us the sink was about a year old, and that she just wanted a different one.
The bench above was purchased a couple of weekend's ago for $20.00. It has storage under the seat, and it is my plan to paint the bench, make a seat cushion and some pillows, then place it in our mud room. The T.V. is a purchase we happened upon yesterday for my SIL. SIL's t.v. had gone out on her, and we purchased it for a mere $10.00. It has a great picture and works just fine!

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