Friday, August 8, 2008

TGI Friday!

This has seemed like the longest week for some reason! I am glad to see the weekend!

The photo above is Thai tea and Thai Coffee with Boba. Yum! We get this at our local Vietnamese restaurant (named "My Lan" over in Haltom City) where we love to go at least once a week. I've been on some kind of coffee kick this past week (I don't normally go anywhere near coffee). Another good recipe can be found here on Michelle's blog that tastes a lot like the iced coffee from McDonalds. Fast, easy and soooooo good! DH can drink a whole pan full in a day by himself, if I let him!

Here is a sneak peek at the "mystery crochet" baby project. I'm still not finished with it, but am still working to get 'er done!
In work related news, my other co-worker finally arrived yesterday. I have been waiting for her to transfer for six weeks! We worked together at the other branch, and when she applied for the second job that was open where we are now, the boss at the old branch REFUSED to let her transfer for six weeks, out of spite! You see now one of the reasons that we both wanted out so badly......

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