Monday, August 18, 2008

GrandTwin photo update!

"Ohhhhhh, pretty"! (GrandTwin #1)
"Hey mom....are you sure this thing doesn't bite"? (GrandTwin #1)

"These bubbles tickle!" (Grandtwin #2)
"Me and my rubber Ducky" (Grandtwin #2)

DD took these photos for a baby photo contest.
Whether or not they win, they are the cutest in Grandmommy's book! :)

Christy over at My Best Friend calls me Martha has really been inspiring me (crochetwise) lately. She has two different projects that I want to try. The crochet purse Halle is carrying in today's post (pattern for a similar one is in Ravelry, here), and a Lion toy she crocheted a while back, here. Michelle at Mik Knits, Crochets & Quilts, too has also been a sewing inspiration lately. Look at the cute curlers she found to make in her post today! Oiyi is also finding new things to sew, go check it out!


Oiyi said...

They are so adorable!!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Thanks for the mention! My blog friends are all such great inspiration. My hubby says that we have an underground crafting world that only we (and our spouses) know about. Isn't that sooo true?

And the twins are just adorable. My nephews are growing up sooo fast (already 17 months old!!) I'll have to share new pics soon, too :)