Monday, June 11, 2007

Dishrags and Soap

Here are a couple of dishrags I knitted recently, along with some homemade Vanilla Lace Pearberry Soap. It smells so wonderful! We make a batch of soap occasionally two or three times a year, with different frangrances. This is my favorite scent, so far.

My new friend, the frogginqueen, has started yet another ripple blanket! Go visit her blog and see the gorgeous colors!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for directing people my way:) I love your washclothes. I thank I actually knitted the round one once. Did you have to seam up the middle when you were done? I think one of my favorite washclothes was the Mason Dixon round cloth that has bobbles( I didn't know bobbles were that much fun). I made 7 or 8 of them for Xmas presents and gave them out with a bar of oatmeal soap(no where near as great as your soap looks and sounds like) But what was so great is that you casted on for the outside and then decreased down ending with dpns. So no seaming:)
I love vanilla scent and flavoring! One of my favorite teas is the Republic of Tea is Vanilla Almond. Too good..
Have you ever made any sweet patchouli soap? It's hard to find one with a good scent...