Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's the one and only, the fabulous...................

I'm so excited! Its like a rock star goddess of knitting/crochet left me a comment on my blog! Yes, it was BRON! I have "lurked" (like a total groupie) on her blog for a while cause she is just so funny and so prolific with her knitting and crocheting and blogging! Her blog is always an interesting read, and she almost always blogs daily. She also lives in New Mexico (one state over from Texas heading West, for those who might be a little geographically challenged) and so it feels fairly *close* by.

I had a bad *week from HELL* all last week at work, but that really cheered me up! Thanks, Bron!

I ordered a red eyed frog and hat pattern from Crochetroo's Etsy store the other day. I got to start crocheting on the frog today. X is gonna love it!

I also have a photo of a bookmark I made from a free pattern on her blog. She really has some cute ideas!

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