Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Potholders, Ripples and Children

Back when Bron got on her potholder kick, I had to follow her lead and make some too. My tastes are similar to hers, I guess that is why I enjoy reading her blog so much.

A little more added to the ripple I am making into a pillow cover......

And to go with today's video in the side bar: some photos of "sweet child(s) o' mine".

my DD - Auntie Grim

My DS - C (Bubba) bet you can't figure out WHERE that nickname came from!, and my DGS - X (Spidaman).


Fiber said...

VERY cute potholders (you can never have too many, you know ::wink::) but your kids/grandkid are gorgeous! (I love Aunt best friend's kids used to call me Auntie Midnight.)

('s Bron.)

BarbieJenn said...

why you out puttin crazy pics of me??? I look like the dork!! hehehe!!