Monday, September 10, 2007


Not much to show or tell! (Sorry for the bad photo, too). I just finished reading "The Wheel of Darkness" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The story was o.k. this time, but I have to say, their story lines for this series are getting less and less enjoyable to me.

In fibery news, I haven't done much needlework at all lately, as you are seeing. I go through cycles where all I want to do is knit, or crochet, sew, or read. These cycles just gradually come up on me and take over and sometimes have lasted for a couple of years. Right now I am sort of fading out of the crochet phase and going into a reading phase. I am also feeling more interested in getting out my sewing and knitting again. Maybe its the change of seasons? Don't know! :)

I am also hoping that when DH gets more settled into the rhythm of his job, I might have more time for myself. He tells me he will have to begin to work Saturdays, so that should give me 1 day of free time for myself. When DH is home, he likes my full attention and help with HIS projects (which translated means: I get to stand there and get him tools for whatever project he has going for the day, or just "talk" to him while he does the project, but not much free time to do MY projects!) :) The electric box below was this weekend's project. It was installed as part of a project so that the City of Fort Worth can install sewer lines coming to our house (yes, we are still on a Septic system right now).

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Cristina said...

The cycles are natural. One year ago i only did cross stitch. And sundenly i started to do knitting, and now is crochet. I'm also learning embroidery, so some must stay beiynd! I will go to cross stitch again, but not now. I just used a ball of the cotton. I'm afraid of using everything to fast, and then there's no more. So i'm taking one day at the time, hehehehe.