Thursday, September 13, 2007

Various meanderings.....

I just finished reading the last "Harry Potter" book in the series (no, I'm usually not this slow to get a Potter book read, but I waited in a queue to check it out from my local Library instead of buying it). Without giving anything away (if there's anyone left who hasn't read it!) let me say that while the story plot for Severus Snape ended up just as I figured it would, the rest of the book struck me as sort of "bleh". I think it was definately time for J.K. Rowling to move on. The book lacked the "Oomph" of some of the earlier ones for me, with just a smige too much of death and woe. And come on, guys, Dudley suddenly "loving" Harry? Let's get real! :)

Now that I have given my opinion about THAT, *smile*, a look over at Bron's blog this morning reminded me of a pumpkin I made a couple of years ago that I made using Sculpey. I won $100.00 in a contest at work for the first place pumpkin! Our customers all voted on the pumpkins, and I found out later that at first, a lot of people thought I had just slapped a mask on a pumpkin until they got a better close up! Ha! I didn't feel like I did it full justice with the "painting" of the face, (I was in a hurry the night before the contest) but it turned out o.k. I didn't "bake" it, so it dried out and fell apart later.

I also FINALLY got my invite to Ravelry last night. To say the least, I was very excited! All I can say is that I can tell it will be a fascinating place to look around in. I will probably lose hours there, and I can see why there are still about 20,000 folks on the waiting list!

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