Friday, September 28, 2007

Fishing Buddy

My grandson X has a special bond with his "great-uncle" (my brother-in-law, "W"). X and I went to visit my sister and her husband, W one weekend (see photo below) when X was about 4 years old. W has a pond on their property that is filled with fish. You guessed it, W set X up with a fishing pole, hot dogs for bait, and started X out on his love of fishing! X still remembers that fun trip, and is always asking when he will get to go visit "uncle W" and go fishing again!

We found out Tuesday evening that W had been taken to the hospital with chest pain. He underwent an emergency double by-pass on Wednesday. He has been around most of my life, so I consider him to be another brother. My younger brother and I got to go visit him in the hospital at Tyler, TX last night, and he really looked good for just having gone through surgery. They already had him sitting up! Please keep him in your prayers, 'cause we sure do want him up and fishing with X again soon!

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Cristina said...

Hope everything goes well with your brother in law. Positive thoughts!