Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday chores

This is what I did Saturday while Hubby went to work. Instead of sitting myself down and doing anything I wanted to, like knitting or crocheting, I heard a voice in my head told myself I needed to mow the lawn and weedeat the flower bed. The riding mower was on the blink, so I mowed with the push mower (pictured above). I was lucky and found a couple of fire ant mounds (my feet being in flip flops instead of shoes - WARNING, KIDS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!). Whew! It sure was hot! I took a breather on the park bench (pictured) when I was finally done! Then afterward, to reward myself for a job well done, I went to the Library. Upon trying to leave the Library, my car decided not to start for a couple of hours, and so when Hubby got off work, he got to come rescue me (MY HERO). I think NEXT Saturday when I start telling myself to do chores, I'm going to ignore the voice JUST DO WHAT I WANT! :)

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Cristina said...

When i start something, and in the beginning it starts not to go rigth i just leave it, it was not supouse do be donne. You should have heard that voice yearlier! :)